Product Launches

Creating hype in the right target segment for a new product means half the battle won. We help you in launching the product with stunning results with the help of right concepts, detailed story board, exquisite set designs, latest technologies and right set of audience.

Incentive Meetings

Motivation works wonders. Recognition of the good work done and giving awards for their achievements are effective ways of motivating people. We aim at transforming award programmes in corporate valuable assets by designing them so. These assets keep the potential recipients aspiring for the same gala event.

Dealers / Employees Meet

Occasional reunion binds the family members in a strong knot. Dealers are members of the large corporate family and they need reunions too for encouragement and sense of belonging. Creating an everlasting memory in dealers’ mind is a challenge and we do it with elegance and style. We cement the relationship between the dealers and the company.

Sales Conference

When sales are down, so are spirits. At WOW, we design events to boost morale. We come up with ground breaking ideas for sales conferences and sales meetings that deliver the right temperament for the right purpose.

Press Conference

Press conferences provide the right platform for exchange of thoughts and remarks. Conducive environment is requisite element for a successful press conference. We are capable of turning the imaginations into realities through detailed planning and communicating with audience. Every conference has the novelty armed with unique approach.


We at WOW are apt of handling every aspect right from hospitality to the latest technical requirements to make seminar a right stand for sharing of newer ideas, views and acquiring of knowledge.

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